Fourth Element Dive Team
Doug Anderson

One of the Worlds Leading Wildlife Cameramen

Specialising in underwater Film and Video, he has worked worldwide creating sequences for award winning BBC series such as “The Blue Planet” and “Planet Earth”.

Click the tabs above to see a behind the scenes photographs from his latest trip to the Antarctic as well as a stunning time-lapse from the Latest BBC series "Life".

Doug Anderson's Photos

BBC Life - Antarctic Underwater Timelapse

doug anderson continued...

Doug Anderson is one of the principal cameramen on the BBC's current blue chip project: Frozen Planet. He has just returned from filming in the Antarctic where water temperatures are around -2 degrees celsius (29F). In filming the definitive guide to the frozen regions of Earth, Doug has travelled to the Canadian Arctic to film whales above and below the surface and to Antarctica where he encountered Orca, several seal species and photographed some spectacular underwater scenery.

Whilst based at the McMurdo Research station, Doug filmed below the ice in the Ross Sea with Hugh Miller, another underwater filmmaker. First, a hole was drilled in the ice, and a research hut was then positioned above the hole allowing the team to prepare equipment, and themselves in a relatively protected environment. Beneath the ice they were able to erect complex filming equipment for underwtare time lapse sequences and breathtaking panoramic images, some of which can be seen in the gallery. The ice hole also made a convenient breathing hole for a Weddell seal which surprised the team as they prepared for a dive.

Doug wears Xerotherm and Arctic.