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In this section you will find information about the expeditions and projects that we sponsor and supply, as well as reports on any previous fourth element adventures. If you want to take part in a fourth element adventure, please click here to see what we have coming up.

Latest Expedition

Truk Plane Wreck

Truk Lagoon Expedition 2011

29 JULY - 11 AUG 2011 and 25 NOV - 8 DEC 2011

Diving Truk Lagoon is the dream of many divers, but few realise that it is accessible to more than just rebreather and trimix divers. Over 50% of the wrecks within the Lagoon are shallower than 35m with the main superstructure round the 15-20m mark. Perfect for nitrox diving. It is our recommendation that your level of training is as minimum Advanced open water diver with some sort of formalised deep training and minimum of 50 logged dives.

The 2011 expeditions will be led by Leigh Bishop and Pete Mesley catering for ALL levels of diving from advanced recreational divers to Trimix rebreathers, with wreck sites chosen to maximise the adventure for all participants.

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