Scapa Flow

Truk Lagoon Expedition 2010

Scapa Flow

A project for the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership to Create 3D Tours of the Wrecks of Scapa Flow

Scapa Flow is on the tips of divers' tongues when discussing the greatest wreck diving sites in the world. 3deep Media, part of the Fourth Element Group, has designed and developed a totally new website dedicated to this region as part of a project undertaken by the Scapa Flow Landscape Partnership. In conjunction with experts including dive charter operators, local historians and archaeologists, the website brings a new level of experience to wreck diving websites. Visit the site at

The High Seas Fleet in 3D

Using Side Scan sonar data and hundreds of photos, along with guidance and feedback from local experts, we created 7 3D wreck tours of the High Seas Fleet wrecks - those that remain submerged after they were scuttled on German Command in 1919 after the end of World War 1. Choose from the links on the right to see these wrecks as they have never been seen before.

Visiting Scapa?

Scapa Scuba is a fourth element test centre where you can try a HALO 3D on some of the finest wreck diving in the world. They have fantastic local knowledge and specialise in catering for those who want to see more than just the wrecks. You can't miss the Red Shed in Stromness and expect an equally outstanding service from the staff. Visit their test centre page here.