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Dive, Eat, Sleep and Breathe...

“I eat, sleep and breathe it”. That is what you might say when you are passionate about something, when it becomes so much a part of your everyday life that it is never far from your mind.

fourth element adventures is for those who eat sleep and breathe diving, like us. Immerse yourself in a world of intrepid expeditions, beautiful images, both still and video. Take a virtual dive on one of our 3D wreck tours or read about some of the divers we sponsor and what they do. Learn about the environmental projects that we support, from the work of the Shark Trust, to our support of a phD at Exeter University in marine science.

Better still, join us. Let us know about your dives, enter our monthly competitions, submit images you have taken and become a part of the iDive team. For yet more interesting and exciting videos, photos and stories that we find out there on the web, Like us on facebook

latest updates

ginnie springs

Devil Ginnie Springs

Ginnie Springs is home to Devils Cave system and is one of the most visited caves in the world. Gin clear water, over 23,000 feet of surveyed passage still going, and unique geology attracts divers of all experience levels, from all over the globe, to the quaint town of High Springs Florida.

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tek week 2012

Tek Week 2012 - Grand Cayman

Join us for world class diving on the North wall & Northwest Point, where sheer walls and hundreds of dive sites await you including the world famous Kittiwake wreck!

You’ll dive with Pros in the Photo and Video world, and meet many of the Who’s Who in the technical diving world also!

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Scapa Flow Competition

Fourth Element / 3deep have just begun working on a new wreck project dedicated to the wrecks of Scapa Flow. We'd like your help and are looking for photos of the wrecks to help us build accurate 3D models and also to feature on a new website. There are two top prizes for those who make the best contributions to the project including 2 week's of diving for two. A prize draw will also be held for all contributors, with prizes including Fourth Element's new One Piece Arctic undersuit and lightweight dive luggage.

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blue ocean

New Video: The Blue Ocean

This video from Howard Hall, is a "best of" collection from the past year. Image capture was with the RED One camera using Nikon lenses. Locations include the Maldives, Alaska, California, Cocos Island Costa Rica, and Mexico. Music was composed by Shie Rozow.

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freediving record

New Video: Freediving World Record

William Trubridge breaks the freediving world record without fins with a dive to 88m (288 feet) in 3:30 in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas.

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Project Shiphunt

Project Shiphunt : Watch the Documentary

Project Shiphunt, developed by Sony and Intel Corp, began in May when five ambitious high school students from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw, Michigan, embarked on the adventure of a lifetime in the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Their mission: hunt for a historically meaningful sunken ship, investigate its identity, and document the journey in 3D video for future generations.

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iDive - Join our Community of Divers

Whether you're a master scuba diver or just enjoy the occasional snorkelling trip, we would love to see what you're up to. It can be anything from photos/videos of you using our gear to a trip report about an interesting dive site, simply send it to us and we'll publish it here on the Adventures website.

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James Delgado

James Delgado - Latest Dive Team Member

Legendary shipwreck hunter and Nautical Archeologist James Delgado is the latest member to join the Fourth Element Dive team.

He has led or participated in shipwreck expeditions around the world. His undersea explorations include RMS Titanic, the discoveries of Carpathia, and the notorious “ghost ship” Mary Celeste.

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Truk Lagoon Expedition

Join the Truk Lagoon 2011 expeditions...

29 JULY - 11 AUG 2011 and 25 NOV - 8 DEC 2011

Diving Truk Lagoon is the dream of many divers. But few realise that this is within the reach not only of rebreather and trimix divers. The 2011 expeditions will be led by Leigh Bishop and Pete Mesley catering for ALL levels of diving from advanced recreational divers to Trimix rebreathers, with wreck sites chosen to maximise the adventure for all participants.

Thunder Bay 3D Wrecks

Thunder Bay 3D Wrecks - A Collaboration Between Fourth Element and NOAA

Home to some of the best preserved and historically significant shipwrecks in the United States, Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary is set to become a world class wreck diving destination. To promote the region, NOAA has teamed up with Fourth Element, using our newly developed web based technology, to map 7 wrecks in 3D.

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