Arctic Undersuit

Paul Toomer

Technical Director
Scuba Schools International

CORE - Bodywarmer

The CORE bodywarmer is the perfect solution for divers looking for additional thermal protection on longer or colder dives. Designed to work with either the Arctic or Xerotherm under trilaminate or neoprene suits, the CORE provides outstanding thermal protection for the body torso whilst allowing maximum freedom of movement of the arms.

New: CORE Body Warmer

core body warmer

Biomapped Protection

Insulating critical areas of the torso with additional layers of high thermal performance fleece equips the CORE bodywarmer to become an essential part of a diver’s thermal systems.

Extra insulation in the kidney region limits heat loss from this high blood flow area. The chest and upper torso (often the first areas to get cold due to the redistribution of air within a drysuit) are also protected by more layers of high density fleece.

A removable crotch strap, secured with elasticated loops hold the CORE in position during the dive, if required.

The CORE is also designed to work well above the surface, featuring fourth element’s XWPs SOFTSHELL water-resistant fabric and zipped handwarmer pockets and welded chest pocket with water-resistant zip.

CORE - Features

core feature 1

Welded chest pocket with water resistant zip.

core feature 2

(Left) Lower back insultation. (Right) Zipped handwarmer pockets.

core bio mapping

CORE features bio-mapped insulation in the key areas of the chest and lower back.


The CORE bodywarmer is as much at home above the water as below thanks to fourth element’s XWPs fabric. The softshell fabric is waterproof and breathable with a thermal lining.

xwps fabric

CORE - Sizing

Use the table below as a guide to help select which CORE best suits your body type. If you require any further assistance/advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

unisex size chart

Sizes Chest Waist
Inches Cm Inches Cm
Small 34-38" 86-96 26-28" 66-71
Medium 38-42" 96-106 30-32" 76-81
Large 42-46" 106-116 34-36" 86-91
X-Large 46-50" 116-127 38-40" 96-101.5
XX-Large 50-54" 127-137 42-44" 106.5-112
XXX-Large 54-58" 137-147 46-48" 117-122

* Please ignore the 'inside leg' measurement when using this size chart for the CORE Body Warmer