Dive Gloves - Get a Grip

The secret to a great dive can be as simple as having warm hands and the dexterity to be able to use your camera or feel your valves for a shutdown. Fourth Elements wet gloves and mitts use stretch neoprene with glued, stitched and welded seams to give a close fit that almost eliminates the entry of water, whilst maximising flexibility and warmth. The carbonite print on the outside of glove provides good grip and improved durability. The glove liners are designed to work underneath dry gloves or wet mitts offering an additional layer of thermal protection and the Xerotherm wrist warmers were developed to provide an air gap for allowing air to move from the dry suit into the glove and provide thermal protection where it is otherwise difficult to achieve.


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    3mm GLOVES

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    5mm GLOVES

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    4mm MITTS

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    7mm MITTS

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Both the 3mm gloves and the 5mm Gloves provide amazing warmth during a dive. The 3mm gloves give outstanding dexterity – ideal for photography and videography. The 5mm gloves offer the warmth and comfort comparable only to thicker traditional gloves.

Features include: stretch neoprene for fit and comfort, and a Thermoflex lining for warmth, sealed seams minimise water ingress, easy donning minimalist design, and a carbonite finish for grip and durability. The 7mm mitts are deigned with stretch neoprene for fit and comfort with sealed seams to minimise ingress of water into the gloves.

The minimalist design makes donning easy even when hands are cold and wet, and the carbonite finish provides excellent grip. These mitts offer surprising levels of dexterity whilst maintaining outstanding warmth.

The G1 Glove Liners can be used under drygloves or wet mitts. Using hydrofoam provides the confidence that in the case of a dryglove failure, the glove liners will retain some of the thermal protection they offered when dry, and the bamboo derived fabric lining inside provides excellent thermal protection. The glove liners can be used with traditional thinsulate gloves in a layering system under the drygloves for extreme conditions.

Dive Gloves - Sizing

Use the table below as a guide to help select the correct size gloves. If you require any further assistance/advice please don't hesitate to contact us.

size chart

Gloves Sizing Inches Cm
XS 6.75 - 7.5" 17 - 19
Small 7.5 - 8.25" 19 - 21
Medium 8.25 - 9" 21 - 23
Large 9 - 9.75" 23 - 25
X-Large 9.75 - 10.5" 25 - 27
XX-Large 10.75 - 11.5" 27 - 29

Glove size by width: measure the dominant hand as it is likely to be larger. Wrap a tape measure around the palm of the hand just below the knuckle make a fist and take the measurement.